Saturday, April 2, 2011

The ReAwakening Teen Tv Drama

The Purpose:
The ReAwakening Teen Tv Drama is about the power & horrific effects that sex have over African American Teenagers in Chicago. This program illustrates how Sex destroy families and friendships, and how Sex change and bring DRAMA in a person life forever! The ReAwakening Tv Show purpose is to encourage the entire African American community to Wake Back Up and think about "the Consequences of Sex"

The Story:
The ReAwakening Story begins with Cornbread the young 17year old who falls is in love with his girlfriend Faith, 1 day Faith bestfriend Isis visits Cornbread house looking desperately for Faith to tell her about her granny who just died the night before, after Cornbread tell Isis Faith is not there Isis tell Cornbread about her granny who everybody knew & loved. While Isis is telling Cornbread what happen to her granny she breaks down in tears and Cornbread console her and this sparked a sexual chemistry that led into the 2 having Sex. Meanwhile Faith discovers Cornbread has a baby on the way with his X girlfriend Unique, who is also the blood cousin of Isis; after Cornbread apologizes to Faith and get her to forgive him for cheating he is confronted by Isis who also inform him that she is pregnant with their child. As Cornbread & Isis work extremely hard to keep their sex encounter & baby a secret from Faith & Unique; there is another big secret that is being kept hidden. Chris who is Cornbread bestfriend and the boyfriend of Isis is also hiding along with Unique the fact that Unique baby might not be Cornbread's but Chris baby. After intense pressure Isis breaks down and tell Faith the truth which results and a friendship destroyed forever and Faith never talking to Corbread again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Am Not Poverty

I AM Not Poverty is a motivational message designed to “change negative thinking habits” in young people across Chicago. In most urban communities Poverty have changed forms from the physical to the “mental, emotional and spiritual” plane of existence that manifest in young people through violence, high drop out school rate, drug abuse, low self esteem and counter productivity in society.

I Am Not Poverty inspires, teach & motivate young people with stories, comedy and chants to be “conscious of their choices” “identify the root of failure” “practice positive thinking” “conflict resolution of the mind” and how to “develop & protect their pride, confidence and self-esteem.”

I Am Not Poverty is presented by Donte Fain, 29 year old entrepreneur, playwright, story teller, comedian and youth activist. Donte Fain at the age of 16 discovered the effects of poverty; “in the hood we believe that poverty is a perfect way of life; we live & eat for free, people are intimidated by us and we don’t have to work as hard as other people for the comforts that the hood provides. I changed when I realized that comfort doesn’t equate to success!”

Donte Fain following this revelation focus diligently on school, graduating from Sullivan H.S. and entering Truman than eventually Columbia College; while in college Donte at the age of 19 opened a small store front business “Gourmet Cheese & Carmel Popcorn” and after a successful 2 year run moved down the street to a 3 store front location to open up Noah’s Ark Teen Center that provided after school tutoring, mentoring, leadership & entrepreneurship development, basketball tournaments and television production for teenagers in the community. Due to no funding Noah’s Ark Teen Center closed after 8 years but Donte remained committed to inspiring teens with the message of “I Am Not Poverty” through other ventures; stage plays, concerts, dance competitions, mentoring, television and motivational speaking.